The conservative party groundswell is shocking

Over the last two months, we’ve learned so much about party politics in America. We’ve learned that it’s easier in many ways to form a new political party. On the other hand, the challenges to making it successful are daunting. Thankfully, there are two things we’re seeing that give us confidence and one thing that tells us with certainty that we’re heading in the right direction.

First and foremost, the tested strategy that we plan on utilizing to grow the party once it reaches a tipping point is very different than anything that’s ever been tried. We know this from discussions with other party leaders. Many of the pitfalls they’ve faced over the years, most notably traction and velocity, will be properly handled using the modern strategies we’ll employ. Knowing that it hasn’t been tried in politics while working exceedingly well in business is so exciting we cannot wait to launch. Patience and prudence are the only things keeping us from launching prematurely.

The second thing we’ve learned that’s giving us even more confidence is that we’re not alone. We’ve come across four other initiatives at various stages of planning to form new conservative parties! It’s as if a huge chunk of conservatives are looking beyond the 2016 election to a future that bypasses the liberalized GOP. There are more of us than we would have possibly imagined who realize the absolute necessity to start fresh and build another 2nd party. It’s important to understand that as being our goal: thinking like a 3rd party is a landmine. We need to view the Democrats as the far left party that they’ve become, the Republicans as the moderate party that they’ve secretly been for years, and us as the conservative party. We have the messaging. We have the intellect. We have the ideas. If we can muscle in on the GOP’s territory from the right and enable them to continue their leftward lurch, they will do so willingly. Why? Because if they feel that they’ve lost conservatives, they’ll rally to the center as they’ve wanted to do for years and focus on taking votes from Democrats.

To get there, we have to be more than a threat like the Libertarian party and more than a dream like the various small conservative parties. We need to be unified as conservatives. This is where you come in. I’ve spoken to Tea Party leaders, conservative journalists, and even conservative Presidential candidates about the need for this party. All of them acknowledged that a new party is necessary. Most of them have been hesitant to act. Considering that they all have their livelihood at stake, betting on a losing horse is out of the question. We understand. To overcome their hesitance, we need to reach a tipping point of support, something that we’re well on our way to accomplish.

Some may see the rise of other conservative parties as a threat, but it’s important to keep in mind that our actions have been and always will be for America. I am acting only as a vessel and an organizer; any time ego or pride attempts to seep in whenever we see gains, I stifle it. This is so important to understand because we will not be a threat to others by trying to steal their limelight. It shouldn’t matter to us whether we build it or we help others build it or we bring together the various groups that are forming their own parties to unite under a single umbrella. In fact, the unification of conservatives is the end goal regardless of who leads the way. That’s why the party needs your help.

Get the word out to every conservative you know. Email it. Share it on social media both publicly as well as directly to the conservative though leaders that you respect. It’s imperative that everyone who’s in the process of forming a conservative party must contact me.

Without their help, we’re poised to succeed. We’re already well ahead of schedule to be able to officially launch after the election. If we can get others heading in the same direction to be unified in voice and numbers, it will accelerate our actions.

Take a moment and get the word out. You are the recruiters, the informers, and the drivers of this movement and party. Again, we are only organizing this. You represent the heart and soul that will make the party successful and bring America back from the brink as quickly as possible.

I mentioned in the beginning there’s one thing that tells us with certainty that we’re heading in the right direction. It’s faith. Regardless of the obstacles, if God wills it, so it shall be. We must seek and discern, but success or failure is out of our hands. Knowing this, our path is to strive for unity because it’s clear that the tenets of conservatism, the guidance of the Constitution, and the blessings of our Creator are leading us in this direction.

Let people know where our party update page currently resides. Point them to our Facebook page and Twitter account. Tell them what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and why they should join us. Will you help to get the word out?

Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared on The New Americana on September 23, 2016, and was transferred here for relevance.