The new conservative party’s name is…

This is the most recent email update for our new conservative party. It’s an important one as it’s the results of the vote for our official name. With our post-election launch approaching, the excitement level has been going up dramatically. Please fill out the form at the bottom if you’d like to receive these updates directly.

Quick Updates

Before we get to the name of the party, here’s a brief update of activity this week:

  • We have spoken to several members of conservative media since last week. You will see stories, hear interviews, and notice a general buzz that will start growing after the election.
  • The New Americana has brought on Suni Leinart as Managing Editor. This move will free me up to put even more effort towards building the party.
  • We are hitting the states that require early signatures for ballot access. If we don’t have your zip code (if you joined before 3 weeks ago, we don’t) then please reply to this email with your zip code if you would be interested in signing area-specific petitions or even helping in gathering signatures.
  • After election day, we’ll be looking for more national and local party leaders to join the fray directly. If you’re interested, please reply with some background information.
  • Our website is being built. We’re still attempting to purchase one more domain name, but we have good domains ready to go if our “ideal” choice remains unavailable.

Now, onto the great news…

The New Conservative Party Name Is…

When we initially started talking to people about forming a new party, one of the first questions asked was invariably, “What will you call the party?” We decided early on that it was important to build up our numbers first so the voice of the members could be heard. We set the working title as “Unified Conservative Party” knowing that it would not end up being called that, but it encompassed what our goals were.

As it turns out, we were correct in waiting to pick a final name. Had we chosen a name early, we almost certainly would not have selected the name that the party really wanted.

Your votes came in. As many of you know, I attempted to reply to every vote. We tallied all of them, but I couldn’t get myself to use a form-letter reply, so we’re still going through replying to everybody now. If we haven’t replied to your input directly, we will in the coming weeks. There were so many votes that it’s going to take some time to get personalized replies out to everybody, but we’re going to do it even if it means more coffee is necessary. We owe you that because the feedback was incredible.

If we had chosen the name among a small group of people, we wouldn’t have picked the right winner. In fact, it wasn’t in my top three list. The feedback and thoughtful explanations that many of you gave didn’t just make the decision easy. It turned me. I am now 100% on board with your selection based very much on the feedback that you gave.

The vote wasn’t even close. Out of eight options, the winner accounted for nearly 74% of the votes. That means that the winner had three votes for every one vote of all the other options combined. That, my friends, is a mandate.

Following the election, we will be launching the Federalist Party. Our focus will be to bring balance to state and federal governments by systematically removing the powers and influence that the federal government has accumulated over the people during the last century. We will defend the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We will promote life, freedom, and personal responsibility. We will be a party of law and order while being mindful of the pitfalls that an oppressive hand can yield if allowed to go unchecked. We will reestablish sovereignty without turning a blind eye to American interests abroad.

To achieve these goals, we will differentiate ourselves from other parties (including the GOP) by working from the local level down to the federal level. Our movement will include a strategy that embraces the wisdom of those old enough to remember the Cold War while tapping into the passions of a younger generation who hear the call for change. We firmly believe (despite biased media reports and indoctrination efforts in schools) that the passions of “millennials” can be harnessed by demonstrating the efficacy of Constitutional conservatism as the path to rein in an out-of-control government.

Election day is near. Our path forward will be affected by the results, but the strategies and goals will remain the same. It is imperative that we gather as many patriots as possible to participate in this movement and the formation of this party from now until they cast their vote. We are not asking them to vote for any particular candidates. We simply want them to understand that regardless of the outcome, the need to return the power to the people has never been greater. Please share this. Spread the word. Get people to sign up for updates.

Campaign season is ending November 8th. Forming the future of our nation begins November 9th. Do you know others who will stand and be counted? Have them join us. We are rapidly approaching the day of action.

Thank you and God Bless,

JD Rucker

Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared on The New Americana on November 4, 2016, and was transferred here for relevance.