The Federalist Party’s statement before the 2016 elections

On Tuesday, the nation will be going to the polls to decide, among many other things, who will be the President of the United States. By the time you read this, chances are the election is over and the winners have been announced.

For posterity, I am writing this post as a reminder of why we’re here in the first place. America has been facing the precipice for years, even decades, inching closer to the edge with every overreaching act of the federal government, every indefensible policy offered by members of both major parties, and every measure of indoctrination initiated by various liberal institutions across the country and around the world. These acts have not only pushed us closer to our own destruction. They’ve pushed us further from the excellent government framework established by the founding fathers and enhanced for the first hundred and twenty years or so following our Constitution’s ratification.

There have been movements recently, most notably the Tea Party, that at times appeared to have the potential to systematically right the course. The election of 2016 demonstrated to many of us that the Constitutional conservatism practiced by so few in government office cannot be injected into a reluctant “Establishment” structure without being forced. The illusion that the Republican Party could carry the torch of life, freedom, and smaller government has been dissolved. A movement’s actions mixed with the pressure they could apply through elections has proven to be scarcely effective. The GOP is fundamentally broken and can only be salvaged for parts – namely, the Constitutional conservatives of the grassroots and the brave politicians willing to continue their mission under a different tent. Since the party has left us behind, our only recourse is the formation of a new party that stands for the principles the leadership of both major parties have abandoned.

The road ahead is not an easy one. Launching a party itself is not as challenging as one might believe. Making it effective is extremely difficult. We are not interested in making a statement. We are doing this to make an impact. Every other third party in modern history has failed to make a real impact for three reasons:

  1. Their plans have failed miserably, as we’ve learned very clearly in 2016. In a year with the weakest major party candidates going head-to-head, it’s a scarlet letter to all third parties that they were unable to be a blip on the radar.
  2. The two-party system is deeply entrenched and fortified. It’s for this reason that a new party must achieve a velocity not considered possible by some in order to break through the barriers the “Establishment” has built around American political power.
  3. The desire is present in millions of Americans, but they have never been given valid reasons to suspend disbelief in the validity of a third party. The challenges posed by the previous two reasons have made this third reason the most difficult to overcome.

Thankfully, we have a strategy to address all three issues. Never has there been such a strong voter angst. More importantly, never has there been the technological ability to reach the masses so easily. We will be able to reach millions of people without spending millions of dollars. We can communicate instantaneously and form networks to support groundswells that will organically manifest around our most active and vocal members. Reaching the masses with a message such as ours was impractical when most other third parties were formed. Today, we are blessed to have resources that were recently unavailable.

To achieve our goals, we’ll need to craft a very clear message. Unlike other parties and movements that must “sell” their ideas to the people, we have the advantage of a message that inspires when presented openly and honestly. The core of our message: bring to bear the checks and balances that the federal government has willfully ignored or circumvented over the decades. Delivered properly, it’s a message that can resonate across political lines, particularly for the younger generations. They know that there is government corruption, but they’ve never been given a valid vehicle that allows them to participate in ending the corruption. Many of them won’t even consider the GOP as it represents in their minds the manifestation of this corruption even if they realize the Democrats are even worse. We will be able to show them that balancing powers by reducing the size and influence of the federal government is a path they can wholeheartedly support regardless of their stances on subordinate issues.

Discourse has been replaced by rhetoric in today’s political sphere. When we look back in history at the original Federalist Party, we can see many great things that they accomplished, but the fulfillment of their near-perfect union was only possible when balanced through engagement with their opposition. They gave us the Constitution, but their opposition gave us the Bill of Rights. They struck the necessary chords to bring the nation together in strength of unity, but their opposition preserved the necessary power of the states. Today, our Federalist Party will push for the same goal from the opposite perspective. Instead of fighting to establish a strong federal government, achieving balance can only happen by drawing back the powers the federal government has accumulated.

May we never forget the mistakes that have prevented this nation from sustaining its full potential. May we be cognizant of corruption and the nefarious motivations of those who would use their positions of government for personal enrichment rather than service to the people. May we always follow a path of righteousness, the highest of roads, even when it seems too difficult.