It’s time for the Federalist Party to emerge

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GOP wins, conservatism loses

For the last few of weeks, many of you have asked us to get going before the election. Some said that Hillary Clinton was going to win the Presidency, the Democrats would probably win the Senate, so there was no need to wait around. Most who pushed for an early launch said that the election was inconsequential to our plans, so why wait?

Our perspective has always been that we’re in a hurry but not in a rush. We never seriously considered launching early because the benefits of doing so were greatly outweighed by the reasons for waiting for our time. Now is our time.

Last night, the Republican Party was issued a mandate. In many ways, this was a good thing for the country with a handful of their promises aligning with some conservative goals. Unfortunately, the mandate was seeded around populist ideas. This means that the future of the GOP (and the country) may be more bleak now than if a mandate was never issued at all.

Odd man out

For years, the GOP has experienced the internal battle between the Establishment and the Constitutional conservatives. New lines have been drawn in this election. Going forward, the soul of the party has two groups fighting for control. The Establishment is still embedded, but now their bigger threat comes from the alt-right movement which has taken over many sectors of the party. Their seat of prominence at the negotiating table means that one particular set of voices will be no longer be heard: ours.

Constitutional conservatives are no longer a concern to the Establishment. After five or six years of gains fueled by the Tea Party and conservative leaders like Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, and the Freedom Caucus, the alt-right populist wave has pushed us further back than we’ve ever been within the party.

In essence, we’re the odd man out with no hope of reducing the size of the federal government from within the Republican Party. The mandate they received last night was also an eviction notice of sorts for Constitutional conservatives. We’re now faced with a new binary choice: play the game of bigger government and declining freedoms or get out.

We’re getting out. Sort of.

The Federalist Party is our new political home. The need for unification of Constitutional conservatives has never been more clear. Any hope of acting as a group within the Republican Party to stop the wave of federal government expansion should be abandoned completely. The GOP will continue to grow the federal government and the Democrats will wheel and deal their way to do the same on their end.

Here are some quick notes on the status of the party:

  • Our unofficial soft launch is now. You can spread the word and help to grow the number of people who will stand up and be counted.
  • The official soft launch is next Tuesday. That is the day we launch our website. At that point, we’ll be able to drive party membership.
  • The “hard launch” will be determined based upon size. Even though we will begin getting the word out through articles and press releases, we don’t want to bring the full spotlight onto us until we’re ready. Best estimate at this point is early 2017.
  • To maintain our ability to influence GOP primaries, we are not recommending that anyone leave the Republican Party at this time. Our goal is to advance federalism in an effort to bring balance between the state and federal governments. As such, we need to be able to influence GOP primaries.
  • We are still going through emails and finding people who want to participate in various degrees of leadership and activism. Please be patient. We will get through all of them now that the election is over and we will respond to every one of them.
  • We’re currently cross-referencing the areas where we have the most people with the states that have straight forward ballot access requirements. We need concentrations of people in areas, so sharing these messages with your general circles is greatly appreciated, but if you can get people in your area involved, that’s even better.
  • The time to form the core of the platform is quickly approaching. For those who are not aware, we will be building the platform through input of the whole party rather than tiny committees of elites. Please be ready for a higher frequency of emails going forward.

This is an exciting time. It’s also a precarious time. We will be attacked as a party from every angle. It’s imperative that we stay true to the goal of establishing equilibrium between state and federal governments. When we achieve that goal, we will be enabling the power of the people to choose.

Thank you and God Bless,

JD Rucker

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“One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.” – Plato

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