Who is the Federalist Party?

When the dust settles and party leadership is fully vetted and fleshed out, we’ll publish a transparent “About Us” page that details everything one would need to know about the people behind this party. It’s a low priority at this time because the reality is this: YOU are the Federalist Party.

  • If you’re frustrated by the ever-expanding federal government accumulating power while keeping state and local governments in check, you’re looking for the Federalist party.
  • If you see the corruption in Washington DC and realize that the vast majority of politicians are in it for themselves, you’re ready for the Federalist Party.
  • If the ongoing leftward lurch by both major parties makes you feel like you no longer have a political home, you’ve found one with the Federalist Party.
  • If you’ve already broken free from the two-party system only to find ineptitude and failure practiced by other third parties, you’ll find something completely different with the Federalist Party.
  • If you’re an American patriot who believes in life, freedom, and a balance of power between the state and federal governments, it’s time for your to join us.

The foundation of our platform is the Constitution. We see it as the greatest base from which to form a government that the world has ever seen. We also realize that the collusion and corruption that drive the two-party system can only be subverted if the people unite behind a common goal: the dramatic reduction of government size, power, and budgets. We are not anarchists. We are not what some would call “right-wing extremists” because our philosophy of small-government conservatism crosses the aisle as a righteous goal for those of diverse ideologies. Even a hardcore liberal can be made to recognize the benefits of reduced government intervention. When the government gets out of the way and empowers the people to operate within basic guidelines, every American can be empowered to exercise our God-given rights.

The Declaration of Independence listed as three unalienable rights Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Today, we are not declaring a revolution against an oppressive government, but we are in a fight against a political structure that grows more oppressive every day. We do not need to declare our independence. We simply need to defend it. Our modern variation of those unalienable rights are Life, Freedom, and Smaller Government.


Of the three original unalienable rights, “life” is the one that has changed the least. Just as the founding fathers believed, we embrace a philosophy that holds all human life as dear. We will fight for everyone’s right to live regardless of their current stage of existence.


The original fight for liberty was righteous because there were forces keeping them from realizing it. Today, we do not need to raise arms to make liberty possible. We must fight a different type of battle, one where defense of Constitutional freedoms has replaced our 18th century need for liberty. It’s a subtle difference, but one that must be understood. Our founding fathers had clear lines and a direct path they needed to travel to secure liberties. Our freedoms are being attacked today on many levels and from multiple angles. Defending those freedoms is a priority as forces mount against us to take them away.

Smaller Government

The pursuit of happiness has changed. We are no longer encumbered by a need to establish diverse methods for achieving happiness. The clear path to liberty has been replaced by the complicated need to preserve freedoms, but the complex nature of the pursuit of happiness has been replaced by the straightforward goal of reducing the size and power of government. We have the resources and opportunities to achieve happiness if we can get the government out of our way.

Federalism has as its core goal the balancing of powers through checks and balances that allows the states to be equal to the federal government. This is how the Constitution was written and why the 10th Amendment has always been so important. Unfortunately, the federal government has taken advantage of loopholes within the Constitution in order to expand their powers. Now, we must take those powers away. We must bring forth the ideal balance of powers that enables Americans to live their lives well, to enjoy freedoms, and to expand on the greatness that we’ve been endowed. This is why President Ronald Reagan was so in favor of new federalism as a core principle for his administration. The GOP has forgotten the lessons he tried to teach them. They’re just as addicted to federal overreach as the Democrats today.

If you are ready to raise your hand and say that enough is enough, join us. We’re prepared to fight for our unalienable rights and we need as many patriots as possible to help us achieve our goals.

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  • Paula Guice 16 / 11 / 2016

    I am disgusted with the GOP and cannot get out soon enough. Can you tell me what some of the policy differences are between your party and the Constitution Party? Thanks.

  • Adam Houk 19 / 11 / 2016

    Paula: While the Constitution Party has a great platform it does not show the potential for growth as it does not utilize all of the modern opportunities afforded in this day and age. If we want to win we need to grow to a level that is able to challenge the 2 Party system. Living off a protest vote is just not sufficient enough.

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