Morning in America

This guest post from patriot Gene O’Neill helps put the need for a new party into perspective.

It’s morning in America. Time for a new beginning, a fresh start, time for a new party. As a nation, we have a new President-elect Donald Trump. I have been #NeverTrump since the beginning of the never Trump movement. However, as he is soon to be our President, I will give him my support, offer-up prayers on his behalf,  stand with him when he is right, and vigorously oppose him when he is wrong.

However -much like the picture above – America stands on the precipice of a new day. We have a chance to make a fresh start. Not since the Whig’s demise has there been a better opportunity to establish a new party based-on the principles of individual liberty, limited government and personal responsibility on which this nation was founded.

For far too long, the liberty movement has pinned their hope on a party that long-ago succumbed to the forces of progressivism (aka “the establishment”). The fact is, for decades now, America has been governed by two progressive parties. One liberal, the other nominally conservative, but in reality just a moderate progressive party. Both taking us to the same place, just at different speeds.

A nation where personal liberties are curtailed, and the powers of the federal government expanded. A nation where the rights of the individual take back seat to the rights of the group for the “common good.” A place where the right-to-life is replaced with a so-called freedom of choice.

Those same establishment parties are forging a land where freedom of conscience is sacrificed on the alter of a new “state religion,” replacing God with government. A faith that believes the immutable truths of the Creator can be replaced by the whims of man.

We stand now at a crossroads. This country will either continue down the broad road of progressivism and eventually find ourselves enslaved by an all-powerful federal government; or return to the principles of limited government, shared power and the freedoms enshrined in our Constitution.

It’s a new day in America, time for a new start, a new birth of freedom. Time for a new Federalist Party!

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  • Vareck Bridges 22 / 11 / 2016

    You are right it’s a new day for America and I do wish Trump is a successful president it is time to form a new party as both major parties go left,it is time for a new Federalist Party to continue the fight for freedom as the GOP starts to go the way of the Whigs we must pick up the torch and fight for freedom

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