For the Federalist Party, even the platform will be driven by states and individuals

The founding fathers fought among themselves to create a government structure that’s as close to perfect as man has ever developed. Allies of Thomas Jefferson and James Madison battled over the rights of states versus a nationalized government. The end result – the Constitution – has allowed for prosperity in the country since its earliest days. Only after the federal government started abusing its powers and circumventing the established checks and balances did the country start to fall into political disarray.

Today, the Federalist Party is the force that will bring back those checks and balances by reining in the overreach that Washington DC has grown accustomed to abusing. We don’t believe in abolishing the federal government or overpowering the states. We believe in the balance that allows for the greatest ward against tyranny from any level of government. To accomplish this, we’ll need to attack the overreach of government from all three directions.

As a party, we believe in practicing what we preach. Just as the national government and state governments must maintain a balance of powers that keeps the most locally relevant issues in the hands of the states while empowering the federal government to handle national issues, so too will we build out party under the same premise. Our core platform as a party surrounds the reduction of federal powers, budgets, and bureaucracy. For individual issues, we will defer to the state parties. That’s how we want the nation to operate. That’s how we will operate the party as well.

Our national platform will be extremely simple and will focus specifically on issues that require centralization. For example, we believe the military as a force to protect the United States from attacks must be maintained by the national government. Outside of foreign affairs and interstate commerce (with a very strict originalist understanding of the concept), the federal government’s involvement should be supplemental, supportive, or non-existent.

The majority of issues will be left to the state Federalist Party organizations to craft within their own platforms. For example, education is a state issue. The national party will defer to the states to form their own platforms for their stances on education. As a national party, we will support them and offer resources, but we will not interfere with the prerogatives of the state party or the party members who form their perspectives. Handling educational needs in California differs greatly from handling educational issues in Maine.

This will allow the right level of flexibility necessary for the party to operate at all levels. The national party will guide and support, but it will be the state parties that unify their own perspectives on the majority of issues. In other words, we will manage the party the way we would want the nation itself to be managed. Parties are an unfortunate necessity. Until we can change that and bring the nation back to the framework set forth by the founders, we will operate within the party system. That doesn’t mean we have to operate like other parties.

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  • Adam Houk 11 / 12 / 2016

    This is awesome. Where do I sign up for my state party?

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