Making it official: Federalist Party paperwork to be filed ahead of schedule

This is the most recent email sent to Federalists on December 12, 2016. To receive these updates by email, please fill out the form on this page and become a Federalist.

The groundswell of national support for the Federalist Party has been so overwhelming, we’re accelerating our timetable for our “official” launch as a political party. As some of you may recall, our intention was to gather the people first, then file the paperwork in the first quarter of 2017. With grassroots support that dramatically beat projections, we’re pleased to be able to “go live” with the party ahead of schedule.

Our homepage has been updated with the new “Join Us” form. You have been receiving these emails because you expressed interest in the new party. If you like what you’ve seen so far, we strongly encourage you to fill out this new form even if you’ve filled out other forms in the past. This form is more complete and will allow us to identify Federalist “hot spots” around the country. With these hot spots, we’ll be able to focus our efforts on building local and state coalitions that can start putting Federalists in offices at every level from school board members to county officials to congressmen to governors. This is a great time to help turn your local area into a hot spot by getting your friends and family to join.

Building the platform to mirror the nation we want

As a national party, our core platform will be built around reining in the federal government and protecting individual freedoms. To do this, we need to act upon the three points of focus: budget, bureaucracy, and power. The founders intended balance between the state and federal governments, but today it is dramatically imbalanced. Correcting this as quickly as possible is our primary goal at the national level.

Just as we believe that the majority of issues should be handled at the local, city, county, and state levels of government, so too do we believe that the party should operate in the same fashion. Formation of the majority of platform stances on individual issues will be determined by the state Federalist Party organizations and their members. This is so important because as a party, we are going to be driven by addressing issues in the best way at the lowest level of government possible. There is absolutely no reason for a national party to dictate the platform stance in education, for example. The states, school districts, and individuals can best craft the perspectives on education that can solve their unique challenges. That’s not to say that the national party will not act as a guide; we will supply platform recommendations on important issues to maintain alignment with the ultimate goal of reining in government overreach and promoting individual freedoms, but it’s the state parties and their members who will make the final decisions.

This is how we want the nation to operate, so it’s how we’re going to allow the party to operate. For more details, please read (and share) the article about this perspective on our website.

State leaders needed

We have party leadership positions available in every state. In some states, we’re still searching for a party chair. If you are interested and qualified, please contact Joel Kurtinitis directly:

Regarding “qualifications,” we’re not necessarily looking for those who have been leaders for other political parties. Experience is a plus, but we look at the whole package. Some of the best leaders never touched politics until it was time. Former Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn had great careers far from politics for the first 46-years of his life. When he decided that it was time for him to get involved, he became a tremendous Congressman, then Senator, and is now leading the charge to hold a Convention of States.

The time to share is now

All of the pieces are falling very nicely into place. We will need leaders, volunteers, and donors, but we will also need a loud voice from the people. Even if all you can give to the party is a Tweet or a Facebook share, it helps. Visit the website regularly as we are posting 3-5 articles per week and intend on ramping that up dramatically. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter where we often share news that doesn’t come from our website. Help us get the word out. Our success will truly be built from the grassroots, so getting the masses to understand the importance of less government overreach will be our strongest message.

Comment List

  • Michael Jenkins 29 / 12 / 2016

    First of all do you like what Donald Trump
    says he will do while in office…..Does he
    line up with your beliefs with this new
    party more than the Republican party?
    Would this party support Donald Trump
    in a Re-Election IF he did most of the things
    he promised the first 4 yrs in office?

    I think a lot of us who say we are Republican
    don’t trust most of the Republicans we
    got elected in the last 2 elections….But still
    we stay with that title because it’s been impossible to a 3rd party elected….If Donald
    Trump does everything he says won’t that
    be more inline with the new party you are
    getting started?…Or maybe I’ve missed something

  • Michael Jenkins 29 / 12 / 2016

    Please don’t miss understand…This is the first time I’ve heard about this and it sounds interesting, I’m just trying to understand that’s all

    • JD Rucker 30 / 12 / 2016

      Hi Michael,

      It’s an interesting but impossible question to answer. That’s not an attempt to evade the question. An answer simply cannot be quantified based upon “most” of the things he’s promised.

      Our goal is to dramatically reduce the size and overreach of the federal government. This singular concept is imperative because most other “solutions” are bandaids at best until the national government itself is shrunk. There are things that Trump has proposed that are positive. We want secure borders. We want the rule of law upheld. On the other hand, we don’t want a trillion dollar infrastructure plan implemented unless he’s able to do it without actually spending a trillion dollars as has been suggested by some in his inner circle.

      When we look at his promises, it’s very hard to differentiate the good from the bad. For example, on the national debt he has claimed that he will eliminate it in 8 years. At another point he said he’d eliminate it in 10 years. He said for a short time that he would reduce it, then two days later discussed this moment in time being ideal for America to increase debt. The math, complex as it is, shows no opportunity to reduce the national debt at all unless he can get the economy to grow much faster than he’s claimed it will (which is already much higher than it has grown since the 19th century).

      The only question we can answer and the one you’re likely wanting to ask is whether or not we can support Trump in 2020 if he’s a great President. Yes. As a party, we will allow the party members to decide when the time comes. We are not forming to oppose the GOP. We are forming to oppose what the GOP represents by its actions rather than its campaign pitches. If Trump changes that direction, eliminates a large chunk of the budget, bureaucracy, and power in DC, and presents a strong foreign policy that makes us respected without meddling in affairs that don’t affect America, I can see our members voting for the party to endorse him. If, on the other hand, he perpetuates the GOP trend of growing federal government overreach and implementing untenable foreign policies, then building the wall and charging tariffs to American consumers and businesses will probably not impress us.

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