The Federalist Party stands with Israel because America needs her

One of the original fears of America’s founders, including the earliest Federalists, was intervention. They were concerned about foreign powers intervening in the United States just as they were concerned by a growing America extending its reach beyond its own interests. Today, we’re seeing how aggressively intervening in foreign issues can detrimentally affect us all economically, geopolitically, and most importantly with the lives of Americans affected when troops are sent where they don’t belong.

Some ideologies demand a complete hands-off approach to the world. Isolationism has grown and faded over the last century since America became a true global power, but many modern parties are strict with their adherence to it. Other ideologies seem to favor intervention. They defend their choices by suggesting that in order for America to control its destiny, it needs to maintain order worldwide.

Federalists are somewhere in the middle, though we lean towards non-intervention. We want to defend our allies, but we expect them to defend themselves as well. We also expect that they’ll defend our interests when they have the ability to do so. In essence, we believe that we should only get involved when absolutely necessary, but if we are forced to get involved, we do so decisively. Asymmetric intervention means that if we must go in, we go in strong. Piddling around as the Obama administration has chosen to do with the Islamic State and Syria does more harm than good.

Israel is a non-negotiable. The Federalist Party supports their right to exist. No political party would admit to believing otherwise, but the right to exist means the right to defend themselves. For a nation the size of New Jersey, that means allowing them to utilize the lands they “occupy” in the West Bank, Golan Heights, and even the Gaza Strip. In other words, we oppose the resolution signed by 14 countries in the U.N. Security Council, the one that the Obama administration failed to veto just before Christmas.

This is not the post to describe our full stance regarding Israel, but it’s important to describe why we stand by them. There are many reasons that some Americans support them wholeheartedly just as their are reasons opposing forces in the United States and around the world continues to grow. Our primary reasons to support them can be broken down to three overarching concepts.

Israel is the fulcrum of the Middle East

There are no major decisions made in the Middle East that don’t take Israel into consideration. Their presence acts as a counterbalance to Iran’s aggressions, Iraq and Syria’s turmoil, and several Middle Eastern countries’ security. This last part is important to understand because many Americans don’t realize the chaos that would ensue between Middle Eastern nations, tribes, and factions if Israel wasn’t in the middle of it all. If Israel were to fall in an attack similar to the Six-Day War, the fragile peace and minuscule prosperity present today in the Middle East would rapidly deteriorate.

Today, fear of the United States is what keeps a slew of forces from attempting to “wipe Israel off the map,” as many in the Middle East have called for in the recent past.

The U.N. is overwhelmingly antagonistic towards Israel

Israel has 1/1oth of 1% of the world population, but it is the central topic of around 30% of United Nations’ discussions and resolutions. Even Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, who is not a friend to Israel, admits to the bias against and oversized focus concerning Israel by the U.N.

“Over the last decade I have argued that we cannot have a bias against Israel at the UN,” said Ban. “Decades of political maneuvering have created a disproportionate number of resolutions, reports and committees against Israel. In many cases, instead of helping the Palestinian issue, this reality has foiled the ability of the UN to fulfill its role effectively.”

The United States has been the blanket of protection that keeps a powerful faction of 1.6 billion Muslims from politically oppressing a much smaller faction of 14 million Jews. That blanket of protection has been shredded lately. It needs to be stitched back together before Israel is forced to truly stand alone against the nations of the world.

Without Israel, America’s power diminishes tremendously

For better or for worse, the Middle East is the seat of power over much of the world. It isn’t just the oil, though that’s obviously important. Military, religious, and cultural influence make the Middle East crucial to those outside nations that work within the chaotic region.

Israel is our only trusted connection to the Middle East. Turkey is in NATO, but they’re more influenced by Russia than America. Saudi Arabia is a tenuous ally that seems to favor us publicly while undermining us privately. Jordan, Pakistan, Egypt, and Pakistan all have needs that barely outweigh their contempt towards us.

Then, there’s terrorism. While it’s impossible to know how our intelligence agencies cooperate in a mutually beneficial manner against terrorism, it can be assumed that our shared interests have kept as much terrorism as possible from happening in both countries.

By turning our back on Israel, we risk losing much of the influence we have in the most important region in the world.

Keep in mind that we do not support every engagement we have with Israel, particularly on the financial front. We are a sovereign nation just as they are, so making fiscally responsible arrangements with them is much more appealing than giving them a blank check for aid. Moreover, we do not have to agree with all of their actions in order to maintain steady support. They make mistakes and as our ally we should be willing to call them out when they do.

America must stand by its allies and Israel is arguably our strongest. We can engage with them in ways that are practical for both countries, just as it has been for decades. For this to continue, we cannot turn our backs to them when they need us, especially in their perpetual battle with the United Nations. We are their only cover in the Security Council. To withhold that blanket of protection hurts both nations.

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  • Dave Payton 31 / 12 / 2016

    This is 100% correct. Israel is as important to the U.S. as the U.S. is to Israel.

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