Crying and Crowing: Why 2017 is ideal for the rise of Federalism

Mainstream media works in the realm of extremes. Their current narrative is that there’s no shortage of of emotions flaring up on the political front as we get rolling in 2017. They tell us that the vast majority of Democrats are still furious over the election results. Meanwhile, they say the vast majority of Republicans are riled up as well, seeing in Donald Trump the answer to all their prayers.

That’s the story line mainstream media is feeding us. Liberal and conservative media are enhancing the narratives by playing along; leftist media is crying even harder than most Democrats and conservative media is crowing louder with every move (or Tweet) that Trump makes.

Here’s the reality: most Americans fall in the center, bunched very tightly in the middle and as far away from the two extremes as possible. That’s not to say that their ideologically in the center, but that their prospects for the future are relatively neutral with most leaning slightly towards hope rather than doom and gloom. In other words, most Democrats aren’t still wrapped up in the fetal position and most Republicans aren’t thumping their chests screaming “MAGA” every ten minutes. We’re not nearly as divided as the media wants us to believe because most Americans simply aren’t that wrapped up in politics. The 2016 election gave us political fatigue. We’re watching football, enjoying our families during the holidays, and setting goals for the new year. The election is over and most Americans are waiting to see what happens rather than speculating about how incredible or terrible things are about to get after January 20th.

From the Federalist Party’s perspective, we’re happy to see the false anxiety that the media is perpetuating. Their obsession with every move made in Washington will help us to reach the masses who are sick of politics. This may seem counter-intuitive at first. After all, we’re a political party. Shouldn’t we want people paying more attention to politics?

Yes and no. We want people to focus on what’s really important to them: how politics affects their daily lives. While the media talks about the geopolitical catastrophe that they believe is one Tweet away, we’ll be talking about how the government is wasting the hard-earned money they acquire through taxes. While the media follows Barack Obama’s every move after he leaves office, we’ll be focused on the bloated bureaucracy making it harder for businesses to operate. While the media tries to paint the Republican Party as a divided house every time Paul Ryan or Mitch McConnell says something different than Trump, we’ll be showing people how the federal government is too involved in American citizens’ lives.

Our party is not worried about politics, at least not the way the media paints it. We’re concerned with bringing government control back to where it belongs. Leadership starts with the individual, then the family, then the community. From there, it works its way down to cities, counties, and states. At the bottom of the power hierarchy is the national government in Washington DC. That’s how things should be and contrary to popular belief, that’s actually how it is. Our goal is to remind people that they have the power. In circumstances where they don’t have the power they deserve because of government overreach, we’ll be there to help the people correct the government on their abuse of power.

True Federalism as envisioned by Ronald Reagan is a reduction of power across the board, though most profoundly at the national level. Washington DC is not a “swamp” because of the people in power. It’s a swamp because of the circumstances that have surrounded the seat of power for a century. Power has been accumulated in DC. This is what draws in the “swamp dwellers.” You can’t drain the swamp effectively without dramatically reducing the perception that power flows through the swamp. As long as DC has primacy over the states and individuals, draining the swamp will only leave voids that will be filled by the same type of people.

Our message is designed for 2017. After a tumultuous 2016, Americans are ready to realize that they’ve been sold a farce. They’re ready to understand that by supporting freedom-loving, Constitution-defending Federalists, they’ll be able to help end the cycle of failure that’s been perpetuated in DC for nearly three decades.

A comment was recently left on this site asking if we’d be willing to support Trump in 2020 if he keeps most of his promises. It’s a flawed question because the number of promises he keeps will not determine our stance in the future. If he keeps his promise to secure the borders, that will be a good thing. If he keeps his promise to continue borrowing in order to fund his big government programs, that’s a bad thing. There’s no way to judge his Presidency today based upon keeping a majority of his promises. Some of his promises are the type that we wouldn’t want to see him keep.

Since 1988, people on both sides of the political aisle have held power because they’ve been able to convince their party members that they’ll do better next time. Every President since Reagan has been a failure from a Federalist perspective because they’ve progressively increased the power, budgets, and bureaucracy of the federal government. What they don’t seem to understand is that the fundamental solution to nearly all of America’s problems can only be sustained by bringing balance between the state and federal governments. Otherwise, all of the “fixes” to problems are invariably temporary. Until we reduce government overreach, we’ll continue to have the same issues popping up over and over again. We’re perpetuating a cycle of failure by continuing to believe in the two-party system. With every third party failing miserably to make an impact in 2016 despite having the two least popular Presidential candidates in modern history representing the two major parties, the need for the Federalist Party has never been more apparent.

Most Democrats aren’t crying and most Republicans aren’t crowing. They’re either mildly concerned or cautiously hopeful. Despite the media’s attempts to polarize us all, the reality is that we’re going to sit back and see what happens while we wait for the Super Bowl and the next season of Stranger Things. By no means does that mean we think Americans are frivolous or unconcerned. Most Americans are disenchanted with political maneuvers after the most contentious election season we’ve seen in our lifetimes.

Let the media say what they will. Watch the politicians as they do what they want. The hypocrisy of government overreach grows every year when it should be dropping dramatically. 2016’s debacles allow the Federalist Party to rise in 2017 because Americans are starting to realize they need something different. They simply need to be shown that Federalism is the difference they’ve been seeking all along.