Transparency and accountability: Another reason we need the Federalist Party

House Republicans did something they should not have done leading into the 115th Congress. As Politico put it, they gutted their own oversight. While the partisan tilt of this article makes the action seem worse than it really is, it’s clear that this was an immediate step in the wrong direction. Instead of reducing transparency and independent accountability, Congress (and everyone else in DC politics) should be embracing them.

In short, they are voting to take the independent Office of Congressional Ethics and place it under the jurisdiction of the House Ethics Committee. They are taking a measure of oversight and placing it under the discretion of those who they’re overseeing. It’s an ethical mess, one that will have repercussions for a long time, particularly when election day hits in 2018.

As a party, we are torn. On one hand, we are frustrated by the latest initiative by the national government to protect itself from the people they serve. On the other hand, we see it as an opportunity to highlight another failing that we intend to help correct once we get Federalist Party leaders into office.

Everyone in Washington DC uses the words “transparency” and “accountability” very freely during campaign season. Unfortunately, they do the exact opposite after they’ve won elections. This is a major gaffe by the House GOP because it instantly reduces their own credibility from the start of this Congressional session. That’s the point. They knew that it would be frowned upon. From their perspective, if they’re going to do something that will be universally shunned, they might as well get it over with as quickly as possible to create the greatest amount of distance between this horrendous move and election day, 2018.

We won’t allow that to happen. We will be reminding Americans of all those who voted in favor of this move when campaign season starts up again. The Federalist Party is more than just an organization for running candidates. We’re also a grassroots movement to alert Americans when their leaders are playing loosely, spending frivolously, or engaging in nefarious activities.

America needs a party that’s willing to promote true transparency rather than pretend to embrace it while standing behind smokescreens. We need a party that wants to be held accountable rather than obeying the standard operating procedure in Washington DC of pointing fingers. America needs the Federalist Party now more than ever.

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  • Jeff Voegtlin 11 / 01 / 2017

    Is there a roll call link where we can see how our representatives voted on this measure? Thanks

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