Smart money: The Federalist Party will run as we’d like the government to run

It’s a good thing in politics, business, and life to practice what you preach. That’s why the Federalist Party intends to operate using the same principles we want applied in government. Last month, we noted that we’re going to allow the state Federalist Parties to control the bulk of their own platforms because different issues mean different things in different states. Today, let’s talk about money.

It’s ironic that the major parties and most 3rd parties operate the way the government runs today. Just as the federal government gets the bulk of its revenue through taxation, so too do the other parties receive the bulk of their funds by soliciting donations from members. We want the federal government to dramatically shrink its budget and reduce the burden of taxation on the people. Therefore, we want our party to act in a similar way with less reliance on contributions. To do this, we must do two things.

Step One: Stay Frugal

Fiscal responsibility is imperative for us to succeed. There will be expenses; playing politics requires payment of the price of admission. We can’t rely solely on volunteers to get the word out, generate the signatures required in each state, and promote the party’s agenda in places where it’s most needed. However, we can very easily break the mold that makes “business as usual” the only way to go for parties.

We have to be smart with our money. Part of that starts with the leaders. There is no room for cronyism or the standard creation of roles for the sake of helping out friends and family. Unfortunately, this is a rampant practice in the major parties and is extremely wasteful. Our leaders must be active and contributing to the party thoroughly. Nobody’s doing this for the title or the glory.

Another avenue where we intend to save money is through public relations and advertising. The local, mobile and social explosions of digital advertising allow us to reach more people for less money. For the cost of a local television ad, we can use forward-thinking messaging programs like Raindrop Technologies to reach many more people directly. Social outreach, earned media, advanced targeting – we will stretch every dollar we bring in to its maximum level of effectiveness.

Update: We are now partnered with Raindrop. You can get updates and/or contribute by texting FEDERALIST to 53445.

Perhaps the most important thing we’ll do to stay frugal is to pick and choose the right races. Every third party wastes money on campaigns they know they have absolutely zero chance of winning. We will not go down the same path. If we are going to use money, time, or resources on a race, it’s because we’re confident that we have a solid chance of winning it.

Step Two: Get Creative

Hats are great. Supporters of Donald Trump proved that hats can be an excellent source of revenue when it invokes a powerful message. Since we don’t have the brand recognition President Trump had, we have to think about things that are more creative than hats.

Generating revenue through outside-of-the-box techniques will be a hallmark for the party. We still need contributions, particularly in these early stages, but our goal is to earn money for the party rather than begging for it as parties are wont to do.

Right now, we need as many people as possible to invest in America’s future by contributing to the Federalist Party. This is how we will build an infrastructure to reach the masses with a message of smaller government and greater freedoms.

…just like we want for the nation

It’s no coincidence that we are building the party around fiscal responsibility and creative revenue streams. We want the government to cut its budgets and reduce taxes so they’re forced to be more efficient with money coming in and money going out. It’s among the first steps we’ll take when we have more clout in government. Until then, we intend to run the party the way we’d run the country.