Federalist Party fundraising begins

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Every political party needs money in order to win elections. The Federalist Party intends to need less of it than others by operating the party the same way we’ll operate in government: by being fiscally responsible and transparent with our transactions.

This is the part in most fundraising letters where we’re supposed to scare you with some threat. “We need your donations to stop Chuck Schumer” or “If we can reach our financial goal, we can stand up to the sellout happening in Congress”… something like that. If you’ve been politically active in recent months, you’ve probably received emails from multiple organizations and candidates using the tried-and-true scare tactic.

We won’t insult your intelligence. Here’s the plain truth: we need an initial round of funds in order to begin generating the necessary revenue for the party. Unlike other parties, our intention is to earn our revenue. To build out that model, we need a strong level of early contributions invested into the party by our members.

My personal hope is that we’ll never have to ask for money like this again. Just as you work hard to earn your money, the Federalist Party intends to work hard to earn the operating revenue necessary to make an impact. I don’t know if we’ll get enough with this single email, but we’re certainly going to try.

We ask that you invest whatever is comfortably within your means. There is no amount too small or too large for us to accept and we’re extremely grateful for every penny we receive. We will use this money to hire staff, order the technology necessary to build on our infrastructure, and promote the party through frugal means such as social media. Most importantly, we plan on doing so with the understanding that every dollar is precious. There is enough waste in DC and with other parties. We intend to break that mold as we grow.

Please visit our investment page or go directly to the secure contribution form. You can choose whatever amount you like. You can also choose to make a single contribution or set it up monthly. We’re building something truly special here. The groundswell of support from the grassroots has been impressive. It’s time to capitalize on that so we can build on what we’ve started.

Thank you for your time and contributions. We won’t let you down.

Thank you and God Bless,

JD Rucker

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“To sit back hoping that someday, some way, someone will make things right is to go on feeding the crocodile, hoping he will eat you last – but eat you he will.” – Ronald Reagan