Dear President Trump: Do less, undo more

From the formation of the Federalist Party until today, we’ve remained consistent with our perspective that when Donald Trump and the GOP do well, we’ll support those initiatives. When they do poorly, we’ll oppose their moves. That hasn’t changed and likely won’t change unless they shift in a wholesale manner towards big government.

Today, Trump was sworn into office and gave a strong, populist speech. There were good things in there, but of note was the continuous call to take action. This can be read in two ways. What we would really love for it to mean is that they will take actions to untangle bureaucracy, kill off government agencies, reduce the budget, and rein in their own powers enough to bring them in balance with the states. EPA Secretary-nominee Scott Pruitt went so far as to invoke Federalism as a way to handle the agency. We would love to see this philosophy spread across DC.

Unfortunately, we’re prepared to dissent against the most likely form of “actions” they intend to take. As the GOP has done for decades, they will reduce some portions of government only to add more layers at the same time. This one-step forward, two-steps back style of government is what has given us budget deficits and ballooning debt regardless of which party is holding the purse strings.

There are very few cases when doing more is justifiable. We’re not absolutists who demand that there can be zero additions to budgets or bureaucracy, but these times should be extreme. For example, a natural disaster that pushes aid programs beyond their limit can create a circumstance where the government needs to help or people will die.

Outside of unforeseen and extraordinary circumstances, the only thing that President Trump and the GOP should do is to undo things. There is so much waste and overreach in Washington DC today that they could spend the entire 2-4 year term unraveling the mess that has accumulated and still have plenty of work to do in the following terms. That’s how far we’ve allowed national government to expand. It must be reduced. With a GOP House and Senate sending bills to a GOP President, one might think that they’ll do just that.

We’ll see. Our eyes will be focused on everything they do and undo going forward.

The Federalist Party has never been about ego. We will always fight to reduce the size of the federal government and defend personal freedoms. We aren’t looking for glory or credit. If the GOP starts practicing Federalist principles as Ronald Reagan did as President, we will not oppose them simply because it isn’t us initiating it. We don’t care who shrinks the government as long as it gets done. With that said, we’re preparing for the likely scenario that the GOP will not make government considerably¬†smaller.