The Conscience Protection Act of 2017 defends our 1st Amendment rights

As a party, Federalists believe that the unalienable right to life supersedes so-called “reproductive rights” being promoted as an excuse for abortions, particularly elective abortions-on-demand. There are those who can argue that an American’s rights do not “kick in” until they’ve reached some point of development or even birth itself. Those questions can and should be debated. What cannot be debated is whether or not the state can mandate individuals to deny their conscience or face consequences.

H.R. 644, he Conscience Protection Act of 2017, is a righteous bill that the Federalist Party supports. It prevents governments or institutions from forcing medical professionals to perform procedures such as abortions that go against their faith and/or conscience. It also allows employers to opt out of insurance provisions for elective abortion coverage.

In the vast majority of circumstances, we believe that the states should have the right to determine how they handle healthcare. In fact, we believe that states should have the power to determine nearly everything that affects their citizens in ways that do not adversely affect those in other states. This is one of the rare circumstances when the national government’s attempt to step into this arena is righteous. The reason: states like New York and California are actively attempting to usurp 1st Amendment protections for its citizens.

Arguably the most important reason the Federalist Party believes in checks and balances between state and federal government is to prevent oppression from one or the other. In most cases, this means empowering states to be able to protect its citizens from federal oppression. When states start going against the Constitution and overreaching into the rights of individuals, it’s important for the federal government to prevent it. This isn’t overreach. It’s appropriate defense of individual rights.

This bill would return the right to practice one’s religion in their healthcare work environment appropriately. Someone should not have to choose between performing abortions or losing their jobs based upon mandates that were put in place after they accepted employment. Most states know this, but with so many people in California and New York affected by state government overreach, we believe this bill is the right way to defend our freedoms.

Here’s an excerpt from TheBlaze:

The Conscience Protection Act of 2017 would create additional protections for health care providers who do not perform elective abortions due to their religious beliefs and religious employers who choose not to cover elective abortion procedures in their health insurance plans.

Existing law already prevents the federal government from discriminating against health care personnel for refusing to participate in abortion procedures, but the only relief that provision grants is the ability to file a complaint with the Department of Health and Human Services. The Conscience Protection Act of 2017 would create a private right of action so that victims could have their allegations heard in court.

Similar legislation was approved by the House last year.

Image credit: CMDA