Mainstream media is a problem for the people. Keep DC out of it.

There seems to be a lot of controversy surrounding the media lately. From President Trump calling them “an enemy of the American people” to lukewarm Republicans like Senator McCain and Governor Kasich defending them, it seems as if many in the government are missing the point altogether.

Mainstream media has turned into a cesspool of leftist bias. To be more specific, mainstream media has shown their true colors in recent years; they’ve always been a cesspool of leftist bias but hid it better in the past. With that said, we seem to be heading in a direction that could prompt government interference with the way the media is reported. This would be a terrible, inexcusable mistake.

The press, whether biased or not, must be left alone by the government. Let the people handle it. As it leans to the left, it’s up to those of us in conservative media to push back towards the right. It’s also up to the people to be discerning about the media they consume. When we start hearing calls for government intervention into the press such as the consequences proposed by some for reporting¬†“fake news,” we’re taking a dangerous step away from the 1st Amendment.

This is an issue that the people must address. It discourages me when I hear otherwise-responsible conservatives calling the press our enemy, thus empowering the government to intervene. They justify these insults based upon the fact that mainstream media is the public relations arm of the Democratic party. On the surface, this would seem to make attacks on the press righteous, but here’s the problem with that mentality: we are their consumers. The press is comprised of individual businesses and conglomerations of businesses that hold a ton of sway on the mentality and beliefs of Americans. That means that it’s up to us to push back by finding alternatives. It also means calling them out for their lies.

Blanket cries of “liar” and “enemy” will not yield the desired result. It’s the lazy approach. Instead, it’s incumbent on us, the American people as well as conservative press, to call out every individual instance of blatant leftist bias whenever we see it. Will that be hard? Yes. Will it take time? Yes. Why would we do something that’s hard and takes time when it’s easier to just decry the media as our “enemy”? Because if we don’t take the right approach and opt for the lazy strategy of blanket attacks, we’re giving a mandate to Washington DC to do something about it.

Let me be crystal clear with this: we do NOT want the federal government to do ANYTHING about the press. They’ll botch it. They’ll hamper the 1st Amendment. They’ll become a much worse problem than fake news. They’ll take the first steps towards government-run media. I’ll take fake news over state-run news any day. The people must address the media cesspool, not DC.