Fighting the GOP’s embrace of Obama’s premise for health care

This is our most recent email. If you believe in reining in the federal government and preserving our freedoms, join the Federalist Party through our homepage and receive these emails directly.

One of the biggest reasons we formed this party in the first place is because we’ve grown sick of the Republican Party promising to oppose big-government policies during campaign season only to watch them embrace those policies once elected. There hasn’t been a clearer example of this than Obamacarelite (or Ryancare, or Trumpcare, or whatever you want to call it).

There are two primary reasons the vast majority of GOP leaders want to push the American Health Care Act. The first is obvious. They believe they can’t win in 2018 and 2020 if they “pull the rug out” on Obamacare and “force” millions of Americans to lose their health insurance. We can make a clear and accurate argument that this wouldn’t be the case if they were willing to make truthful arguments to the American people, but they won’t because of the other primary reason: special interests.

There are too many corporate interests who want Americans to be mandated to purchase health insurance. As a party, we are NOT against corporate interests as they pertain to the free market economy, but we DO have a problem when they lobby for the government to make people buy their products. This non-competitive, anti-innovation practice of profit by fiat puts the pressure on many in the GOP to keep the government’s hands where they don’t belong.

We are accelerating our growth plans so we can jump in the fray before it’s too late. We need your help. First, we need to grow our membership. We need tens of thousands to become hundreds of thousands to become millions very quickly. As much as we’d love the luxury of being able to grow steadily like other third parties, we are forced to make moves before it’s too late for this nation. At our current pace, we’ll be the fourth largest party in America by the 2018 elections. As much as we’d like to pat ourselves on the back for doing in less than two years what others couldn’t do in a quarter century, it’s simply not fast enough. We’re not a party that wants to make a statement. We’re here to make an impact. That means winning elections. To do that, we need to grow faster.

Please share this message with everyone you know who may believe in smaller government and defended freedoms. Send them to the Federalist Party homepage and ask them to register. This is important.

The second thing we need is money. We take pride in being as frugal as possible, but greater things and more exposure come at a price. Whether you can comfortably invest $10 or $10,000 (or whatever amount suits you), we promise to make every penny count for America. As of today, no members of the party are taking a salary. Some of us have invested our own money without reimbursement because this is too important for the future of the nation. We’re not asking the same from you. We only ask you to invest and participate at a level that is comfortable.

Lastly, you may notice I’m sending this from a different email address than in the past. I’m using my direct email address so I can hear from you. What questions can I answer? What ideas would you like to share? I may not be able to reply quickly, but I will reply as fast as possible and will do so directly. No assistants replying on my behalf. No form emails. I’m sure I’ll get flooded, but I promise to reply to all emails over time.

There is important work that must be done. Things are happening more quickly than we anticipated. Thankfully, we’re also growing faster than we dreamed possible. If you’re sick of broken promises by politicians, parties, and organizations, you’re not alone. We’re sick of them, too. That’s why we’re here. We will keep our promises. We will not be corrupted. We will stay the course.