The GOP’s war on conservatives generates spike in Federalist Party interest

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The failure of the American Health Care Act could have elicited several responses from the Republican Party. They could have rolled up their sleeves and hammered out a deal that worked for conservatives in the Freedom Caucus. They could have pushed the 2015 Obamacare repeal bill that is currently languishing in committee. Their choice, which is being made very apparent today, is to lurch left and work with Democrats to “fix” the something that cannot be fixed.

The target for nearly every Democrat and a large portion of the Republican Party (combined to form the single “Big Government Party”) is now squarely fixed on conservatives. They’re not even trying to hide it.

Ben Shapiro writes in Daily Wire:

Trump’s new war on conservatives, cheered by establishment lackeys, was totally predictable. If Trump pursues that war, it’s all downhill for conservatives from here.

Which means that conservatives must stand and fight. It’s time to send Trump conservative legislation – make him veto it. Push Ryan to propose legislation that will please conservatives, rather than treating them as an out-group to ignore. If Republicans gained the White House and Congress and Senate only to dump conservative principles in favor of bipartisan mush, they won’t have only blown the most obvious chance of our lifetimes, they’ll have broken all their promises. They’ll deserve to lose.

Chris Pandolfo notes in Conservative Review that this problem isn’t isolated to an Obamacare repeal:

As the Republican Party moves on to tax reform, conservatives should be prepared to be boxed out of negotiations, again.

Senator Ted Cruz, who retweeted the Federalist Party this morning, has been among those in the Senate joining the Freedom Caucus in pushing for full repeal. This brings us to the only silver lining in the whole debacle: the Federalist Party becoming a viable alternative for Republicans and Democrats sick of big government ideologies.

We are in the process of launching our media blitz in the middle of April right around tax time. The vast majority of our blitz will be “earned media,” which is to say that we’re hitting the airwaves and conservative websites to bring value through interviews and articles. We need to accompany it with paid media: spreading the word through social media and other venues via advertising.

Doing this will help us towards one of our biggest goals: bringing small-government-minded politicians to the table to consider running as Federalists. We’ve spoken to many potential candidates over the last few months. This recent betrayal of conservatism by the GOP makes the coming weeks the right time to approach even more of them.

To accomplish this, we need to ramp up our fundraising. Please invest what you can comfortably afford through our website.

Now is the time to build momentum and ride the wave of opposition to big government principles the Republican Party has been embracing more publicly in recent weeks. We contend that they’ve embraced these ideas for nearly three decades; Reagan was the last President who espoused Federalism. The difference today is that the GOP is no longer pretending to want to shrink government. It’s our time to step up.