The Federalist Party: An Overview

Who are we? What are our goals? How will we accomplish them?

These and other questions have been asked and answered in various posts and interviews. Here, we’ve broken it down to shed light on the major inquiries of people considering joining the Federalist Party. We will be producing longer papers to go into more details, but this is a good general overview that you can digest in a short period of time.

The Federalist Platform

We believe every problem in America can be addressed if we focus on three driving principles. The foundation of all the nation’s issues can fall into one or more of these:

  1. Limiting Government, Particularly at the Federal Level: The Constitution laid forth a framework that allowed the state and federal governments to maintain checks and balances on each other. This gave the citizens the ability to go to one when the other was oppressing them. Today, the federal government holds the vast majority of the power. It’s time to reverse that and bring balance back to government.
  2. Defending Freedoms: There seems to be a law or regulation governing just about everything in our lives. The Federalist Party wants to empower our people by protecting freedoms, especially those laid forth in the Bill of Rights. Let the people live how they want. As long as they aren’t harming others, the individual should be at the top of the governmental hierarchy as it pertains to their rights.
  3. Protecting Life: Every American, from conception to death, should have the opportunity to live.

The solution to every other issue in America stems from one or more of these fundamental principles. Unlike every other party, the national party will leave it up to every individual state Federalist Party to determine their own platform. California Federalists will have a different platform from Maine Federalists because the needs and will of the people in every state are different. As long as they stay true to the core, they will be allowed to address issues to best fulfill their states’ needs.

Why We’re Different from Other Third Parties

Before forming the party in 2017, we analyzed and spoke with many other preexisting third parties. What we found explained why there has never been a successful third party since the 19th century. We’ve learned from these flaws and have set forth in a success-driven direction.

  1. If We Can’t Win, We Won’t Run: There is no reason to spend time, money, and effort promoting a candidate with no chance in an election. We aren’t here to make a statement. We’re here to make an impact. We also refuse to play the role of spoiler. There will be many instances when we either support a candidate in another party or exclude our party from a particular election altogether. We will not waste resources on losing efforts nor will we cause harm by stealing votes from an acceptable candidate from another party.
  2. Focus on Local Races: The silliest thing we noticed most other third parties do is that they shoot for the top without paying any attention to the all-important local level. We want to have a Federalist President someday, but along the way we will win school board races, city council seats, mayors’ races, state legislator seats, governorships, congressional seats, and Senate races. There are “major” third parties that don’t have control of a single city council. We will not make that mistake.
  3. Revenue Model: Money and strategy win elections. As with other parties, we will rely on contributions from members, but our intention is to minimize this need. We will operate the national party like a business startup that generates revenue through delivered value rather than begging for every penny we get. This will help to prevent corruption from big-money donors and bundlers who intend to manipulate our agenda. We want to earn our revenue so we can keep our candidates and politicians focused on the issues and serving the people rather than worry their big donors might pull support if they don’t play ball.
  4. Modern Strategies: The two major parties are more sophisticated than third parties, but even they are behind the times. Our plan for growth and spreading our message is based upon cutting-edge technology and adaptive strategies. Today, the winner isn’t always the one who spends more money. Instead, it’s the campaign that spends it better who often wins the election. We have a plan to maximize exposure while minimizing costs.

Who We Are

We’re just Americans. It’s imperative that this is built first from the grassroots. We aren’t reaching out to donor bundlers or DC-connected consultants (though some have reached out to us) because we must allow the voice of the people to maintain control of the party.

We’ll vet out current politicians, but long-term we hope to recruit good people into public service. It’s a catch-22 of sorts; the people who are best suited and most trustworthy to help rein in government power and defend our freedoms are often people who have no political ambitions. Doctors, journalists, firefighters, entrepreneurs, and people in all walks of life will make up a large portion of the candidates we recruit. Some people have heard the calling of politics and we will find the best to join our ranks. Others need the message to be a little louder before they’ll heed the call.

Our Plan

Moving forward, we will:

  1. Grow. Every hour of every day, more people sign up to become Federalists. We need to continue to press forward and drive our ranks through social media, email, and good ol’ fashioned word-of-mouth.
  2. Build State Parties: We currently have leadership roles filled in 27 states. We need all 50 filled before the end of 2017. We will help them build the infrastructure necessary to start making an impact.
  3. Recruit: There are freedom-loving, Constitution-minded politicians in government offices around the country today who feel neglected or even betrayed by their political party. We need to reach out to them and show them there’s a better way.
  4. Prepare for the Next Election: Despite the common misconception that the only important elections happen on leap years, we’re very aware that the “next election” is different around the nation. Because we will participate at all levels, we are planning out where to focus our attentions based upon where we can make a difference. At this point, we don’t know how many congressional or Senate races we’ll enter in 2018 nor which 2017 elections we’ll be prepared to challenge, but we’re diligently searching for the elections we believe we can win.

Hopefully this will help current Federalists understand our “elevator pitch” so they can explain what we’re all about to the people they influence. It should also help those considering joining us to grasp what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. America needs small-government Federalism today more than ever. The rise of the Federalist Party starts now.

Comment List

  • William Riggs 31 / 03 / 2017

    I applaud your approach and the apparently fearless attempt to take on difficult issues. What I would recommend is that you all take on the hard policy choices on the economy and taxation, as well as foreign and defense policy, taking a fresh approach consistent with conservative principles. I would be happy to help in that endeavor. Alexander Hamilton would have wanted it that way. A new Federalist Party is a great idea, as long as it doesn’t become just another Jeffersonian Antifederalist Party like the Libertarians and the Constitution Party.

    • JD Rucker 22 / 04 / 2017

      We would love to talk! Please email me if jdrucker @

  • Kenneth Miani 16 / 04 / 2017

    2 questions:

    1) How is your platform different from the Constitution Party

    2) What is your party’s stance on the 16th and 17th Amendments to the Constitution.

    • JD Rucker 22 / 04 / 2017

      We like the Constitution Party. Very much aligned from a platform perspective. The difference is we will be shooting for elections at every level, not just putting up a Presidential candidate every four years.

      As for the 16th and 17th Amendments,. both are the “law of the land” but that doesn’t mean we can’t oppose them. To do so, we’ll need new amendments ratified by either the states or Congress. Both are long-term goals.

  • Cameron VanNatta 19 / 04 / 2017

    Since your focus is correcting the disproportionate power of the federal government, I’m not sure what your platform has to offer to local and state government. You will need to expand the platform definition for more local issues.

    I hope you put fear into every Republican who abandoned small government principles. Good luck.

    • JD Rucker 22 / 04 / 2017

      We hope to put more than fear into them. We hope to put them in the private sector.

      As for state and local issues, we believe that allowing the state- and local-Federalist Parties to craft their own platforms based upon the three core principles will yield the best end result.

  • Erik 22 / 04 / 2017

    When will car magnets and bumper stickers be available?

    • JD Rucker 22 / 04 / 2017

      Shooting for May.

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