Holding candidates and politicians accountable the Federalist way

When journalists inquire about the Federalist Party, a question that’s invariably asked is how our platform is going to be any different from the GOP, Libertarian Party, Constitution Party, or anyone else who claims to fight for smaller government. Our answer is simple. Federalist candidates will be held at an exponentially higher level of accountability when they take office.

The standard operating procedure for other political parties when their candidates make campaign promises is to select one of three paths:

  1. Have them fulfill the campaign promise.
  2. Determine if there’s a lighter version of the campaign promise that can be spun as fulfillment. We’ve seen this recently with the GOP promise to repeal Obamacare and the subsequent spin that Obamacarelite was a righteous fulfillment of that promise.
  3. Create a justifiable narrative as to why a politician broke a campaign promise. This is usually split into one of two rhetorical tools: the “new information” approach and the “evolution of ideas” approach.

Federalists will have only one choice: keep the promise. That’s not to say that we will be so rigid that if real “new information” is revealed that truly justifies a switch, that we won’t allow that. However, any deviation from a promise must be justified with more than just a 30-second talk track. They will be required to give a full report detailing why they changed their perspective.

To do this, every candidate will have their own documented set of promises. In essence, it will be their personal Federalist platform. For every issue that they intend to tackle, their plan will be recorded prior to accepting a nomination for the Federalist Party. Other parties hope that when campaign promises are broken that the media won’t pick up on it. The Federalist Party will be the first to knock on a representative’s door if they break from what they stated during the campaign.

It won’t be easy for Federalist members holding office. Every campaign promise is a vow to voters who choose to check the box for a Federalist. If a Federalist public servant is unable to fulfill that vow, they shouldn’t look to us as cover. On the contrary, we’ll be the ones asking questions first. Any representative who breaks their own promises will not remain a Federalist for long. Their primary obligations are to the Constitution, the nation, and the people they serve. The Federalist Party will pull support from anyone who fails to meet these obligations.

Every other political party’s platform is a loose representation of the ideal that holds very little influence over what their politicians actually do in office. For Federalists, every promise they make becomes part of their own personal platform. They will be held fully accountable to do everything in their power to fulfill these promises. If they choose not to, we will not stand with them.