Federalist Party momentum growing. NY Times takes notice.

Between excellent action on our Twitter and Facebook accounts and multiple interviews hitting the airwaves this week and next, the Federalist Party is really starting to get noticed. In a little less than a week, we’ve been contacted by over a dozen top-notch reporters, radio shows, and podcasters wanting to know what’s behind all the buzz. Monday, we received a nice (albeit brief) mention in the NY Times.

In other party news, we’ve gone mobile. Our text updates are up and running. All one has to do in order to receive the fastest updates on the party is text FEDERALIST to 53445. We will not abuse the privilege of your trust on mobile. The only texts we will send out will be important ones. Subscribers also have the ability to contribute to the party through their mobile device.

We can have all the best ideas and passionate members in the world, but politics is still a game of money. If you can comfortably contribute to the growth of the party, we ask that you do so soon. When we reach our goal, the first order of business is launching a Federalist merchandise store. Those who contribute (or have contributed) $100 or more will receive the first batch of merchandise once we have the store up and running. Our goal is to be shipping by May. Please contribute any amount you can comfortably afford. Every bit helps.

One of the most popular pieces we put on the website recently was “Holding candidates and politicians accountable the Federalist way.” In it, we describe our plan to make sure that Federalists are held at a higher standard than any other party.

Momentum is on our side. Members of both major parties and most third parties are growing increasingly frustrated by what their representatives are doing. Now is the time to take advantage of this angst and promote a party that truly embraces limiting government, defending freedoms, and protecting life. Will you stand with us?

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  • Eric Dixon 18 / 04 / 2017

    this is excellent

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