Reaffirming small government from the local level up (or down)

The Constitution was written with a common theme throughout: protection of our freedoms and rights. Though it’s a document that pertains to government, it’s clear that the founders intended for it to be the ultimate line of defense defending the individual from the forces of oppression that can rise within the halls of power. As such, we tend to see things differently from most. Rather than viewing the top tier as the federal government in Washington DC the way most believe, we see the top of government as the individual American.

This is why local elections are so important. They represent the most direct connection between individuals and those who determine the laws of our lands. The hierarchy of government ends with the national government as the lowest level, the final line of defense, the governing bodies that should only get involved in matters when all levels above them require a broad stroke from DC.

Sentiment in America is shifting as we noted yesterday in large part due to the two-party system that has both Republicans and Democrats pushing for bigger government, massive spending, and ongoing overreach. For this trend to be reversed, we need to start putting government-limiting, freedom-defending Federalists into office. This is why it’s imperative that we make our moves soon to run candidates in local, city, county, and state elections.

That’s not to say we won’t run in national elections. Our strategy is to find races that we can win because we have four circumstances present: groundswell, campaign money, infrastructure, and the right candidate. If a particular race misses on any of these or if the opposition is too strong, we’re not going to waste resources on a futile effort. This is one of the reasons why it’s likely the majority of elections we enter in 2018 will be local ones. Unlike other third parties that ignore these races to waste resources on elections they have no chance of winning, our goal is to accumulate victories and start making an impact immediately.

Various pockets of groundswell are already emerging around the nation. Infrastructure is at its earliest stages; building state parties is often more difficult than building the national one. We have dozens of potential candidates lining up to see if we’re the right fit for them and vise versa. The last piece of the puzzle is money.

We’ve asked in the past for contributions. One thing we’re learning is that the benefits of recurring contributions are huge because they allow us a reasonable expectation for budgeting purposes. It’s nice to get the big donations as well, but we appreciate the slow and steady approach. Our contribution page offers an option to set recurring payments. We ask that you determine what if any you can budget, whether one-time or ongoing, and help us bring small-government Federalism to offices of government across the nation.

Our operations have ramped up nicely in recent weeks. We’re sending out new updates every few days through our mobile interface and interacting daily on social media. You can receive updates as well by texting FEDERALIST to 53445, by following us on Twitter, and/or by liking our Facebook page. It’s important that we build this party as the most connected and transparent viable party in America.

The piece of the puzzle that seems to be ceaseless is the need for resources. Unlike what many have experienced with various movements, super PACs, and parties, nobody on our team is being paid. We’re doing this for our families, our communities, and our nation. Nevertheless, it takes money to play in the world of politics. Every dollar helps.

Thousands of people have offered to volunteer already even before our candidates have been announced. The media is starting to take notice with interviews and articles coming out regularly. Momentum is clearly growing. It’s time to take it to the next level.