Win 3 free months of @CRTV from @Federalists_USA

Raising funds in politics is always challenging when you’re not one of the two major parties. Since we don’t have huge lists of people accumulated over the years, we’re reliant on the people we’re reaching today to drive our message and fuel our party.

In response to the nice mention we received this week on CRTV, we’re going to bring them one more patriotic Federalist subscriber. Anyone who contributes $50 or more one time or sets up $20 or more in recurring contributions before May 5th, 2017, will be eligible to win three free months of CRTV service. We’ll select one person randomly based upon their contribution level at $50 or $20 increments. In other words, those who contribute $500 one-time or $200 recurring will have 10 chances of winning.

Those who have already contributed won’t be left out! If you’ve contributed in the past, you’re already in the raffle (though contributing again will obviously help your chances).

As much as we hate the idea of gimmicks, we appreciate both our contributors and the folks at CRTV. If this drives more contributions as we hope, we’ll happily do it again in the future. Here’s the mention on CRTV:

As Daniel Horowitz noted, “The only thing worse than the other side screwing us is for them to screw us and for no one to know about it.” We hear you. It’s time to help others hear the message as well.

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  • Adam 04 / 05 / 2017

    Its about time these guys mentioned you. They have been calling for a 3rd Party for some time, but if we are going to be succeed in implementing it. Those talking heads need to do much more than call for a 3rd Party, they need to back one. Most importantly this one!

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