Send Federalists to Rolling Thunder in Washington DC

“We Will Not Forget”

These are the watchwords of Rolling Thunder, Inc, a non-profit organization that is united in the cause to bring full accountability to DC for POWs and MIAs of all wars. Many who are part of Rolling Thunder are veterans. Many ride motorcycles. Neither is a prerequisite to join. Anyone can participate and the Federalist Party would like to do so at their event in Washington DC at the end of this month.

We feel this is a great opportunity to reach patriots as they travel to the seat of federal power. Our message of less government and more freedoms can resonate with attendees and get picked up by media that will be present. This is a chance to meet with the grassroots and reach a wider audience that spans the entire nation.

Just as we want the government to be frugal, the Federalist Party is going to be fiscally responsible as well. We have gone to great lengths to minimize costs; our booth and transportation for one attendee have been gifted to us. We aren’t going there on private jets and we won’t be staying at fancy hotels. Our team is prepared to “rough it” to maximize our ability to spread our message.

We need your support on this. We need to raise an additional $4,371 by Friday in order to produce materials to hand out, purchase a Federalist booth sign, and cover travel and expenses for two more attendees who can work the booth and spread our message. When you contribute on our secure form, you’ll be able to give us immediate feedback. Just tell us in the feedback you are specifically sponsoring Rolling Thunder and every penny you invest will go towards this event. Once we meet our goal, we will update this blog post to let everyone know so we don’t receive more than we need for this event.

While most parties like to hold events at posh venues with exclusive members of the donor class, the Federalist Party is going to the grassroots. We are the party that will represent the people of America, not special interests. This is why we’re proud that Rolling Thunder is our first official event. It’s a perfect representation of our DNA.