Seeking writers to champion the small-government Federalist movement

America desperately needs the small-government Federalist message to be spread to conscientious citizens. For decades, concepts such as personal responsibility, localization, and direct political accountability have been getting indoctrinated out of the national mindset through the efforts of media, propagandists, and the education system itself. Now more than ever we need the voices of Constitution-minded patriots to spread wider and ring louder.

As a co-founder, I’ve been primarily charged with getting the word out. I’m asking you for help. We need as many people with communication skills and a passion for Federalism to rise up and be heard. If you feel you can contribute your talents, consider this a call out to you.

There are three primary ways to participate: writing and/or podcasting directly for the Federalist Party, sharing our content across social media, and interviewing us to put out the small-government message to your own pre-existing audience.

Write and/or podcast for us

We’ve already had several people raise their hands. Now, it’s time to get even more.

We currently have a handful of venues upon which we post. The two most prominent are on the official site (here) and on The New Americana. All content must be unique and relating in some way to small-government Federalism, defending our rights, or protecting life. If you are interested in writing for us or becoming a Federalist podcaster, email with the subject line “Writer.” Please include links to previous content you’ve produced.

Join the social media warriors groups

Are you strong on Twitter? Facebook? Both? We need your help in getting the word out. Not every content producer has to put out 500-1500 words in order to help. Some are great in 140-characters or less.

Please email us at with the subject line “Social Media.” Include your Twitter and/or Facebook profile links.

Request an interview

So, you’re already writing for Townhall, Washington Examiner, DailyWire, or some other known Federalism-friendly site. Perhaps you have your own blog. Maybe you have a radio show or podcast. We need to hear from you so you can hear more about us. Interviews and articles about us have appeared in Red State, Conservative Review, The Resurgent, The Blaze, several radio shows, dozens of podcasts, and even the NY Times (don’t hold that against us).

If you’d like to talk to someone, please email to schedule an interview with one or more of our representatives.

The more people are made aware of the benefits of shrinking government and defending freedoms, the easier it will be to get America back on the right track. Forces promoting expansion of government are working overtime. We need to get the right message out to the people as quickly as possible.