Regarding our three core principles

From the beginning, we knew that just about every issue facing America and its citizens can fall into one or more of three categories. It’s no surprise that the founders embedded these core principles as the foundations upon which the Constitution itself was formed.

On Facebook today, we elaborated briefly about why we don’t get stuck in the minutia of individual policies or issues at this time. It’s not for lack of caring. In fact, it’s done specifically to allow our representatives the ability to generate solutions built on these principles and formulated based upon the needs of the people they represent. Decisions are far too centralized. We must start to solve problems locally if we’re going to truly solve them at all.

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  • Tyler Bouma 01 / 08 / 2017

    I would appreciate it if there was a way to check on the status of the party membership, or see what the state party progress is. At this point it is hard to know if there is a Federalist Party in California or know if any state has a party set up.

    • JD Rucker 03 / 08 / 2017

      Thank you, Tyler. We’re currently building pages for each state so members can check status.

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