What the Federalist Party needs to do to get to Washington DC

For the last three days, I’ve been traveling. The long flights between Southern California and Washington DC were worth it after a handful of very productive meetings. They gave us direction on the next steps necessary for the Federalist Party to make an impact sooner than expected.

As those who’ve followed the party know, our intention has always been to start with local, city, county, and state elections. That hasn’t changed and wouldn’t change even if we had an infusion of a billion dollars into the party. This isn’t a strategy based solely on size. As Federalists, we believe in the importance of localized government. If we’re going to make changes in DC to limit federal influence and return most of the decision-making to the rightful owners (individuals, families, communities, and then down the ladder to the state level), then we’ll need to make sure we have great people in place at those levels. Even if we run a presidential candidate in 2020, we would still focus on getting Federalists into city councils and other local offices. That’s how federalism works. It’s why our path forward is more strategically sound than any other third party.

With all of that understood, we still have to break through the artificial barriers the Democratic Republicans have built around Washington DC. Doing it seems difficult at first glance, but the reality is we have two major advantages that previous parties didn’t have: bi-partisan angst and message-amplifying modern technology.

The fastest growing political affiliation in America is Independent. Both the Republicans and Democrats are watching their ranks shrink as they break campaign promises and demonstrate their impotence. Both push incessantly to grow the government. We are taking advantage of their follies and flaws.

As for technology, this is going to be one of our biggest focuses once we ramp up fundraising. In this digital age, it’s easier and less expensive to reach the masses than ever in history. No party is taking full advantage of this. We intend to be the first.

We need three things in order to break through:

  • People: Our membership spikes with every misstep the major parties make, but we can’t rely solely on their errors. We have to get aggressive with outreach. Share this through email, social media, and by word of mouth. Send people to our homepage so they can sign up.
  • Money: We need to raise money to hire staff, build party infrastructure, and promote the Federalist message to the masses.
  • Press: While we’re getting a good amount of attention from the media, we need to get a whole lot more if we’re going to move quickly enough to make an impact soon. Please forward my email to any contacts you have in the press, whether it’s national media or your local newspaper. We’re ready to talk.

The biggest roadblock we face today isn’t manifested in either major party. It isn’t in our philosophies which resonate to a very wide spectrum of Americans. It’s in lack of confidence in the ability of a third party to break through the barriers. All we ask is that we’re not judged by the foibles of other third parties who have squandered opportunities and failed to make an impact. Our strategy is working in its early stages. To get to the next levels, we need your help.