Finding the future by looking to the past

The separation between “conservatives” and “liberals” is often defined as one holding onto traditional values and the other adopting modern principles. This helps in shaping the worldviews of those who claim one of these labels. Conservatives believe many of the political and cultural trends in this country run contrary to the ideals that made America amazing while liberals find clinging to old ideas prevents progress.

Both are right. Both are wrong. The key is knowing when to embrace the past and when to push forward to a new future.

The Federalist Party looks at the government landscape as one that must return to our founding concepts while simultaneously adapting to our current and foreseeable future situations. Let’s explore both to gain an understanding of how the Federalist Party is being built and why it must succeed.

Founding Concepts

The Constitution of the United States is the framework through which we must build everything. It was designed to make government methodical, correctable, and most importantly very limited. Our founders had an uncanny understanding of the dangers of an oppressive government. It was their recognition of the path through which a well-intending government could be corrupted and turned towards oppression that they gave us the wonderful gift of checks and balances.

Today, we’re seeing the very things they feared manifested in Washington DC. If James Madison and Thomas Jefferson were alive today, they’d be completely appalled by what the national government has become. They’d be even more appalled that free Americans not only allowed it to happen, but in many cases called for it.

This type of “progress” away from the foundation of this nation and the safeguards initially put in place is one of the most important reasons the Federalist Party was formed. Both major parties are pushing us towards a growing and unchecked government. We must relearn what our founders knew all too well. When government isn’t properly limited, it will expand beyond the control of the people.


Most of the push-back by the uninformed masses against returning to our founding concepts stems from misplaced desires for progress. This is why it’s often so appealing to younger Americans. Their lives are driven by a natural need to replace what is old with something new. That’s a hallmark of youth: good intentions misguided by surface emotions.

That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t adapt. In fact, the Constitution was built for adaptation. It’s slow, but it works. Corrections have been made throughout the decades to improve it based upon changing situations. Abolishing slavery is the obvious example here. Some changes have been negative; the 16th and 17th Amendments can be blamed for many of our problems today.

As a party, we believe in limiting government, defending freedoms, and protecting life. To do this, we must adapt to the environment and take advantage of positive progress. For example, we are in the conceptual stages of technology platforms that will help propel the Federalist message, allow for stronger communication between the party and its members, and assist future candidates in connecting with voters.

At our core, this nation is made up of people who generally believe in limited government. This might be hard to believe when we see so many embrace big-government ideologies, but they do so because of indoctrination. If you ask an average American regardless of their political affiliation if they trust government to have more control over their lives, a strong majority would say they do not. That means there’s hope. It means we need to educate them about the importance of self-governance while informing them about alternatives to having DC trying to fix everything. We need to turn them away from DC, get them working on local solutions, and show them the inherent dangers of collectivism.

It won’t be easy, but by taking lessons from the past and applying them to our current situation, it can be done.

Today, we have better technology, stronger infrastructure, and access to more resources. The need for government to insert itself into our lives is much lower now than ever before, yet so many have been programmed to expect more from DC. This trend must be reversed. The only way to do it is by bringing enough people together to make it happen. That’s why the Federalist Party is growing.

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  • NewFederalist 29 / 01 / 2018

    Great article! Thank you for using the term national government instead of the usual (but incorrect) term federal government when referring to the government in Washington, DC.

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