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Communication is the key to our success

One of the things we learned about both major and minor parties when we started doing our research in May, 2016, is that communication was abysmal. They were all eager to send out fundraiser emails, but getting a reply to questions was nearly impossible.

We cannot guarantee timeliness, but we will get through all communications and reply to your requests without failure. As we ramp up, the communication staff is already overwhelmed because of this policy, but we intend to maintain it whether we have 10,000 members or 10,000,000 members. There is no reason for any government entity to ignore communication or use boilerplate responses. Your message to us is as important as our messages to the world. In fact, your voice is more important to us than any others.

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We are in the process of establishing our party headquarters. In these early days of the party, we are spread out across the country and rely on technology to stay in communication. Considering that we don’t accept donations, the main reason people would need a physical address is to send their contributions, so we’re in no rush. This is the 21st century. Communication through technology is not only more elegant and simple. It’s also the way we’ll be able to make the biggest impact in the shortest period of time possible.