Transgender Bathroom Choice

Should gender identity be used to determine which restroom, locker room, or other public facility is used by an individual?

No. Even if we put aside the safety and privacy issues which are clear and valid, the rights of individuals must be protected with common sense guidelines. Those guidelines should treat everyone equally. If we maintain a position that one’s biological sex determines their access privileges to public and private facilities, then everyone has equal rights.

The argument that this is discrimination is absolutely false. Discrimination by definition is the unjust or prejudicial treatment of individuals. If every American has the right to use the facilities of their biological sex, then every American is treated equally. In fact, real discrimination happens when gender identity is the deciding factor. The progressive perspective grants superior rights to those who have fluctuating or neutral genders by choice. By doing so, they are discriminating against those who follow their biologically assigned sex.

An often unspoken but prominent argument made by the left is that the feelings of those who identify against their biological sex are being dismissed. The common counterargument is that the feelings of those who are uncomfortable with a biological male using a female restroom or shower are also being dismissed. This is a valid argument. A better argument is that rights are not granted based upon feelings. If a man who identifies as a woman has his feelings hurt because he is forced to use a urinal instead, that does not justify allowing a predator into the women’s dressing room.

What would you change, if anything, about this stance?

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