Voter ID Requirements

Should Americans be required to show a valid form of identification to vote?

Yes. It goes beyond the common sense arguments about identification being required for age verification to purchase certain items or enter certain areas. The sanctity of our voting system is dependent on making certain that living American citizens are the only ones who vote.

The argument from the left is that it’s discriminatory. They say that minorities are more likely to be without a valid form of identification and therefore requiring it discriminates against their right to vote. Let that argument sink in for a moment. If it made you chuckle, it should. It should also make you frown to know that this argument is working very well in many states around the nation.

We all know that the argument is not a valid one. Only in an entitlement society can the responsibility to vote be tarnished by partisan rhetoric designed to hide the real reasons to oppose voter identification laws. Voter identification neuters their ability to manipulate the results. Fake votes, double votes, and even deceased person votes would be more challenging if voter identification laws were imposed.

The discrimination argument crumbles when we look at voting as a right and a responsibility rather than as an entitlement to be given to anyone with or without a pulse. Being a right means that when the authenticity of votes are degraded by manipulation, every voter’s right is being diminished. Being a responsibility means that one must meet the reasonable bare minimum requirements in order to be trusted to accept the responsibility. It isn’t hard to get a valid form of identification. More importantly, acquiring ID is not more difficult for any particular race, sex, or people group. Therefore, voter identification laws do not qualify as discriminatory.

Nearly every politician knows this, whether on the right or the left. The difference is that admitting it does not jibe with the left’s voting manipulation agenda, therefore they willfully lie to protect themselves.

What would you change, if anything, about this stance?

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