Every political party will tell you that it takes money to be successful. We agree, but with a caveat: it takes money AND the fiscal responsibility to use the money as wisely as possible. This is why we are not taking the standard approach to party funding. We aren’t asking for donations. We are asking for investments.

By investing in the Federalist Party today, your name will be added to the Federalist Founders list. We know that you are putting your faith in our ability to deliver election and policy victories in the future. You should be recognized as a proud patriot who embraced the concepts of small-government Federalism before we became a household name. If you’d prefer to remain anonymous, we respect that. When the Federalist Founders list is released, only those who want to be on the public list will have their names displayed.

Below is a link to our secure contribution form. Thank you for taking part in these early stages of our party. We won’t let you down.

Secure Contribution Form

Our primary goal is to reduce the size of the federal government to bring it in line with the original intent of the Constitution: balance with the states. To do this, we need to put people into offices across the nation at every level to bring about the drastic change America needs.

We greatly appreciate every dollar we receive from our members. Our national organization vows to keep every expenditure completely transparent; every penny we spend will be documented and available for public scrutiny. That’s what the founders wanted. That’s what the Federalist Party will deliver.