This is a grassroots effort... with a twist. Unlike other efforts that have failed to achieve real change in DC, the Federalist Party will empower the people by uniting our voices behind the call to rein in the federal government and return checks and balances to the states. To do this, we need as many Americans as possible to join us so we can influence the actions of politicians through votes, petitions, and grassroots activity. If you're ready for DC to listen to the people, join the Federalist Party. It's as easy as filling out this form.

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One of our goals is to make government transparent and responsible with our money. To do this, we must be transparent and responsible as a party. We are asking anyone who has the means to invest into America's future by contributing to the Federalist Party.


April 23, 2017

End Abortion

No, abortion is not a state issue

There seems to be a lot of controversy based upon a paragraph in an article on GraniteGrok: That doesn’t mean we will be militant with overreaching declarations from DC when we represent enough

April 23, 2017

10 Federalist Questions

If you answer “yes” to these 10 questions, you’re a Federalist

One of the most common questions we get asked is about the differences between us and other

April 18, 2017

Federalist Momentum

Federalist Party momentum growing. NY Times takes notice.

Between excellent action on our Twitter and Facebook accounts and multiple interviews hitting

April 16, 2017

James Madison on Checks and Restraints

James Madison on checks and restraints

Our party believes that there needs to be two levels of checks and balances – vertical

April 2, 2017

Keep the Promise

Holding candidates and politicians accountable the Federalist way

When journalists inquire about the Federalist Party, a question that’s invariably asked

March 30, 2017

Federalist Party Overview

The Federalist Party: An Overview

Who are we? What are our goals? How will we accomplish them? These and other questions have

March 27, 2017

GOP War on Conservatives Like Ted Cruz

The GOP’s war on conservatives generates spike in Federalist Party interest

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It isn't just the Republicans and Democrats. We distinguish ourselves from other parties who try to play their game. That's why they lose. We'll win by changing the rules.


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