Mike Caro is one of poker’s biggest stars ask anyone who has traveled the world of poker over the last 50 years

Mike Caro is one of poker’s biggest stars ask anyone who has traveled the world of poker over the last 50 years – Who is our biggest star?

I bet Mike Caro’s name would be at the top of the list.

For this reason he is called the “mad genius of poker”. His opinion on poker has been respected for decades. Back in 2001, he wrote a series of columns for Poker Digest magazine, sharing opinions that helped his readers succeed in life and poker.Poker tactics can be directly applied to life.

One of the increasingly interesting topics is location; Why is it important and how can you best use it?
“Few people realize the great benefits of being active,” he said. “It’s important to understand your place at the table. Knowing how your opponents play their hands before making a decision gives you a big advantage.

Dengan memakai sedikit psikologi, Mike mereferensikan Anda bersahabat dengan pemain di samping kiri Anda yang akan melakukan tindakan sesudah Anda semasa putaran taruhan; mereka selanjutnya akan condong tidak mengeksploitasi keunggulan mereka.

Ini kerja dalam kehidupan. “Bersahabat dengan mereka yang mempunyai keunggulan, hingga mereka akan kurang terpacu untuk mempersulitmu.”

Berikut contoh kehidupan yang Mike terangkan, “Bila Harry serta Anda berlomba untuk mengagumkan bos (contohnya, Anda berdua berkompetisi untuk promo yang sama), diamkan Harry bicara terlebih dulu.” Bila ia “jatuh datar, Anda dapat memakainya dengan memperlihatkan kekurangan dengan sopan serta memberi pilihan yang semakin kuat kunjungi situs judi Tujuhnaga.

On the other hand, “If the price goes up, you can just accept it by saying you obviously agree with some of the things Harry said, but we have to be aware of it and we have to complement it.”

When playing Limit Hold’em, you sit in the middle seat. The other two players limp out of the blinds. You have a good starting hand and always plan to see the flop.

If you call from the big blind, it is likely that one or more opponents will be behind you.Consider a raise instead. It is possible that some players behind you will fold the hand, while those who have made a single bet, possibly including the two blinds already invested in the hand, will call your 2-bet.

Above all, you get the best place to bet: a virtual button. You have the advantage of this position. Now when the flop comes, you can take advantage of it.Once the other players have played, look at your hole cards and you will be able to make a more appropriate decision in your favor.

Let’s say you eliminated AJ. The flop contains two small spades and a second jack, giving you the best pair on the board – probably the best hand at the moment, but very vulnerable.

You have two outs to hit Jack and three outs to save your ace. In any case, he will probably give you the best possible hand. However, with only five cards total and two additional cards – the turn and the river – the odds of improving your hand are about 4 to 1 against you.If you lose your move, your odds of contesting a raise increase to over 8 to 1. So what’s your best move?

Since you raised before the flop, you are checked by the three remaining opponents. The best decision is to place a bet. This is more of a continuation bet, more of a semi-bluff.The oldest slot machine with wild symbols in our country

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